State of Modern Love


Winner: Melbourne Underground Film Festival,
Best Foreign Film and Best International Director

During a trip to his home state during the holidays a womanizing man-child, hometown hero Jake Hudson, engages in a series of casual affairs. A performance problem, followed by a drunk driving incident leads to some soul searching and ultimately the realization that the woman he left behind  may have been the one who got away. 


Starring: Daniel Falicki, Matthew Jacobs, Sherryl Despres

Written and Directed by: Lisa Enos


Genre: Dramedy 

Mr Nice


The life story of Howard Marks, an elite British drug smuggler, who convinced a jury that he was, in fact, a British spy.


Starring Rhys Ifans, Chloe Sevigney, David Thewlis,
Crispin Glover.

Writers: Howard Marks, Bernard Rose

Producer: Lisa Enos


Genre: Biopic

The Kreutzer Sonata


An update of Tolstoy's story, in which protagonist, Edgar, is overcome by jealousy. This tale of treacherous madness begins where it ends; in the bedroom, with Edgar clutching a kitchen knife!  

Starring Danny Huston, Elisabeth Rohm​, Matthew Jacobs

Writers: Lisa Enos and Bernard Rose

Producer: Lisa Enos

Genre: Drama

Snuff Movie


When five unsuspecting actors are asked to spend the night in the secluded mansion of twisted reclusive film director, Boris Arkadin, they have no idea the mayhem about to ensue. 

Starring Jerone Krabbe, Lyndsey Marshal​

Producer: Lisa Enos


GENRE: Horror



Update on Leo Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich," set in contemporary Hollywood. When talent agent Ivan Beckman (Danny Huston) suddenly dies, it's difficult to believe the truth; that it wasn't a cocaine binge with megalomaniac movie star Don West (Peter Weller) that did him in. 

Starring Peter Weller, Danny Huston​

Written by Bernard Rose & Lisa Enos

Producer: Lisa Enos


GENRE: Drama



This one-hour television documentary examines the lives of criminals who took their inspiration from Hollywood movies and includes interviews with the filmmakers who made them. ​

Directed by: Lisa Enos

Written by Matt Tebbe

GENRE: Investigative Documentary

Angel of Bergen Belsen

The harrowing tale of Luba Tryszynska,  a Polish Jew who saved 54 children during WWII by hiding them in her barracks in the months leading up to the liberation of concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.


Written and Produced by Lisa Enos


GENRE:Historical Documentary


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