Lakeshore Drive


It's the townies versus the summer residents of Whispering Dunes, a gated seaside community. A star golfer from the other side of the tracks just wants to be accepted by his über-rich girlfriend's family, while newlyweds Brad and Liz look for reasons to stay together as they each appear to be cheating. Brooke, a barely-legal sultry vixen, adds fuel to the flames, and some awkward tween twins who must avoid the sun spend the summer spying on them all in this laugh-a-minute screwball comedy about the haves and have nots of Lakeshore Drive.   


WRITER: Kenneth Enos

GENRE: Comedy

STAGE:  Casting 



What really happens when the power goes out? Private military contractors take over all the Walmarts, a middle-class family survives in a bunker unbeknownst to their children - who are literally sheltered by technology in this Brave New America and farm girls take to eating men. This is one of the most realistic and brutal looks at a future where the power grid simply goes out. 


WRITER: Matthew Schultz


STAGE: First Draft Complete

The Nineteenth


This series chronicles the lives of Susan B. Anthony and other founding mothers who fought for women's right to vote.


WRITER: Deb Havens

GENRE: Historical Drama

STAGE: First Draft Completed



  (image coming soon)

A band of rural bootleggers take on Capone and the whole midwest organized crime syndicate, but not without engaging in a little fun at a swinging night-club in this prohibition-era true crime drama and tale of forbidden love. 


WRITERS: Lisa Enos and Roger Callard

GENRE: Period Crime Drama | Love Story

STAGE: Concept

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